Visual Merchandising is commonly known as VM!!! What’s VM, never heard of this term, does it exist? How come it is related to Retail?? What Courses, people are doing it for it? So such questions arise when we come across the very important word in Retail “VM”

Visual Merchandising is all about “Detail in Retail”, the look & feel of the store which possibly gives the best ambiance to customers. The customer convinces are seen while placing each merchandise on the floor & also while styling the mannequins. The Customer is given all together everything under one umbrella, from a basic apparel requirement to all the accessories to be used for styling oneself.

Window displays play a vital role in retail stores. As windows are seen at the entrance of the stores, Customers get ideas about products available in-store, new season trend, upcoming campaign & much more to add…! Styling of the mannequins in the windows of the stores is done in such a way that attracts more customers, the placement of the mannequins is very important as to highlight the merchandise & to mannequins to become eye-catchy.

Image Credits : Wowsville
Image Credits – Topshop
Image Credits – Nike

Mannequin clusters are designed at the store entrance, to give overall a good experience of Categories, New-season trends & Offers reflecting all over the stores. The fixtures are planned in such a way that all customers visiting stores should be able to access all required products & get attracted to the new products too.

Here’s an end to my knowledge about Retail in brief. You must be thinking why I took this topic as my Best to start with is because I have started my Career from Retail & currently working too.

All about me, I am Riya Gupta, working at an Area Visual Merchandiser profile at Blackberrys Brand – Men’s Wear. I have an experience of 3 years & looking forward to many more to come in Retail only.

I am glad I could take you all to the knowledge through my experience till date.

“Creativity is Contagious, Pass it on”

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Here you will get to know about Retail Concept from a Visual Merchandiser perspective & deeper knowledge about Retail.


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