Who does Visual Merchandising for Retail?

A Visual Merchandiser is a person hired by every Brand to help the Categories to perform & get the sale through value.

A Visual Merchandiser is full of knowledge about colors, aesthetics & ideas to perform best to their abilities. They also help in getting very unique ideas to manipulate with customers mind & lead the customer to buy the product.

Every person has their unique way of thinking & displaying the products. They use their designing skills to promote the product and services of retail for business and other organizations. They create eye – catching merchandise displays and Store lay-outs.

You will find Visual merchandisers in Retail as there is a direct contact to customers & can encourage them to buy the products. The main goal of doing VM is to attract, engage and motivate the customer towards making a purchase. There are key elements that we need to follow while doing display are color, landscape, communication, texture and décor for an effective display.

Image Credits – Mannequin Madness
Image Credits – Parkson Malaysia
Image Credits – Drapers

It has benefits to retail business with increase customer entry and increase sales. With effective visual merchandising, the amount of customer enters the brand and notice most of it, also have a clear and positive perspective towards it.

A Good Visual Merchandiser makes a store stand out with their creative skills and attract shoppers. They does not only help the store look attractive but also help with in increasing customers & sales to their Retail businesses which in return gives a good reason to customers to come back again.

VM is more about “Expect more, Pay less”, promising to fulfill all the customer requirements today, tomorrow or in coming Retail future. It is a practice in the industry to carry forward with the ideas of floor plans development and three – dimensional displays in order to maximize sales.

“Sell The Problem You Solve , Not Just The Product”

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