How I became ‘A Visual Merchandiser’?

As I was at the last semester of my Fashion Apparel Designing degree, I got an opportunity to work with a renowned company ‘Shoppersstop’, a campus placement. I started working for the interview lined up with the company, there were many rounds to clear.

As I got the confirmation from my college about my placement in the company, I was on Cloud-9. My last semester still had a month to go, the excitement was increasing to work as it was going to be my first job. The days were passing so slow & excitement was at the peak. I had got an option between two major cities – Ahmedabad & Mumbai.

( Image Credits – Shoppers Stop )

 Finally, my joining day was there 6th June. 2016, a day to mark forever. The city of dreams was where my first job began – Mumbai. I was hired as an Intern on an experimental project “Expert Visual Merchandiser”. First of all,  Retail a new concept and never heard of this position. Was it easy to go ahead? I never knew it would be totally a new experience waiting to challenge me.

    (Image Credits – Mumbai Skyline by Riteshsaini)

The fun began when I completed my joining and started searching for stay & many more. There were many things that I was coming across for the first time. I started going to my job, the training session were amazing start to this unknowing journey. Almost after a week, I got a stay and my training sessions also ended good.

I was working as an Expert VM, whose job profile had to visit three major stores – Malad, Bandra & Juhu. The Shoppers Stop brands like Stop , Life , Vetterio Fratini , Kashish , Haute Curry were to be made more creative and innovative sections. I used to explore each day new ideas with new challenges.

                                                  “Every Day is A New Day”

I started enjoying my work , visiting different stores, working in different brands , coming up with new ideas , tracking performance on weekly basis , meeting new people.

(Image Credits – Shoppers Stop, Malad)

The journey of being an Expert Visual Merchandiser continued for 6months, where-in I was also given an opportunity to work for Head Office renovation project. You must be thinking , everything going too smooth, wasn’t a twist required?

Later on, looking at my over-all performance I was given an opportunity to work for Shoppers Stop, Kolhapur – D.Y.Patil Mall. It was again a great experience of 7months. It was a new challenge as I was lacking with resources, vendors & still delivering work on time within budget. I made many friends & second families while surviving my days.

Shoppers Stop – Kolhapur

A turning Point…..isn’t it? I was given transfer to Mumbai – Kalyan store. I started working there as well, as the culture was very familiar to me till now. I was unfortunate to get good Boss and Team to work with. There was again a new challenge waiting for me like, very less budget store but lot more to explore. Even Sales used to get affected due to location of store & mall having less customers. I did a new store opening of Shoppers Stop too – Big Thane Store.

Shoppers Stop – Kalyan Store

All together Shoppers Stop was a roller-coaster start to my unknowing journey of Visual Merchandising. I have learnt a lot of things, exploring many places & brands, came across new people. Visual merchandising itself is a destination made valuable to me by an opportunity. I have worked for almost 2years with Shoppers Stop & had to come back to Pune.

“Success Is A Journey, Not A Destination”

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7 thoughts on “How I became ‘A Visual Merchandiser’?

  1. Hey Riya,
    As we worked togather for last 3 months,It’s not long time but it’s so memorable,You have ton of passion in Visual Merchandising,Quik Learning,Adaptibility, Creativity,Innovation… And Many more things.
    I believe you will doing something new in your future endeavors.
    Do always writing and Keep smiling 😊


  2. Your experience of landing a job and the challenges faced has been shaped amazingly. The journey has been described well. However, to get the reader’s glued to every line of yours, there are certain elements to be considered which is punctuations, flow of words, use of words, caps etc. If you are interested I can do proof reading for you (I do not charge but would love to do it as I am very passionate of reading and writing)… Wishing you all the best!!!


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