Retail is a very vast industry, there are many categories to explore & learn about.

Visual Merchandising (VM) is a part of Retail that helps to beautify and enhance the Categories & Brands.

VM is a mind tool that helps us to an amazing ambiance in-store or to a particular display. It can be done anywhere with any product or merchandise. It is spread all over the Retail, in any category from Apparels to Non-Apparels.

It is fun to do VM, where we keep on playing with elements of designs like colors, forms – 2d & 3d, shape, harmony, balance, proportion & repetition. The Elements of design help us to understand the products or merchandise more in detail.

VM is a business derived concept designed for all categories like Apparels – innerwear, lingerie, menswear, women’s wear & kids wear, also in Non-Apparels – accessories, luggage, footwear, handbags, cosmetics & perfumes, the home decor in Retail.

                                                       MENS WEAR



                                             HANDBAGS & FOOTWEARS



It is done in-store using basic terms like Current season, Color blocking, Folding types, On-going Campaign, Planogram implementation with the help of brand standards & Norms.

When working with a particular Brand or Company, provide yourself with the standard Brand norms to get a unique display among the world of Retail. Organizing & managing the things as per the standard norms lead to a “Beautiful Display” is the work of a Visual Merchandiser. 

Visual Merchandising acts as “A Silent Seller” to help the brands perform best & lead to their Targets. It also helps customers to get their requirements in a convenient way.

“Design is thinking made Visual”

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Here you will get to know about Retail Concept from a Visual Merchandiser perspective & deeper knowledge about Retail.


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